Engaging education and quality care for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years

Our Rooms

The first five years of a child’s life is crucial to laying the foundations for their ability to learn throughout their later years. As they learn and develop, it equips them with the skills and knowledge they need for a life filled with wonderful possibilities.

Big Explorers (4 - 5 years)

Our School Readiness Program teaches children a range of communication skills, numeracy and literacy skills. This includes learning how to recognise names and identify simple shapes, numbers and words. We also teach self-help skills and use an interactive whiteboard for activities within our educational programs.

Little Learners (2 - 3 years)

As toddlers, children are opening up to new challenges as their communication skills develop and they learn to experiment, concentrate … and of course play! We provide real-life learning experiences like drawing to encourage writing, singing to help your child learn about language and group activities to expand their social skills.

Mini Movers (6 weeks - 2 years)

Our Mini Movers room is a safe, cosy environment for your baby to learn and grow in with the support of our gentle and caring educators. Your child will learn through exploration and play and be exposed to sounds, words, colours, shapes and textures as they discover, progress and develop their cognitive and motor skills.

Our Environments

Our indoor and outdoor areas offer lots of stimulating and fun activities that encourage both play and learning.

Outdoor environments

  • Garden beds full of various vegetables, herbs, plants and shrubs
  • A large covered sand pit
  • A communal circle meeting area
  • A large cubby with café
  • An enclosed infant play area

Indoor environments

  • Bamboo blinds and shutters
  • Natural furniture designed for early childhood
  • Plenty of natural sunlight
  • Age appropriate resources and materials tailored to children’s individual interests
  • Stimulating environments that encourage creative experiences and exploration

Our Chef 

  • Creates menus that support Feed Australia and Get Up & Grow
  • Ensures menus that are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free if required.
  • Provides breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon tea and late afternoon tea.


  • Our preschool program is conducted by a qualified Early Learning teacher.
  • Open 50 weeks per year excluding public holidays.
  • We are SunSmart accredited.
  • A breastfeeding-friendly service.
  • Sunscreen, wipes and hand sanitiser.